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Second Zoom Question and Answer Session for the Draft Neighbourhood Plan

If you missed the first Q&A session and have any questions concerning the Draft Neighbourhood Plan or Appendices , which have been published for community consultation, you have the chance to have them answered at a Zoom session to be held on Tuesday June 29th from 18.30 to 19.30.

The link for the Zoom meeting is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86781379917?pwd=dTZHRHU1MWhIUEVEMTZHK21QeXVMQT09

You are encouraged to let us have your questions ahead of the meeting as this will assist with the flow of the session. You can submit your questions on the Contact Us form on www.lfcnp.co.uk.

If you know anyone who wishes to submit a question and does not have internet access, they can do this in writing to the Parish Clerk at 3, Pilgrims Way, Laverstock, Salisbury, SP1 1RZ.

Shaping the Future of Laverstock and Ford Parish

Laverstock and Ford Parish Council has embarked on the production of a Neighbourhood Plan. This is a very real commitment to the future, backed by central government community legislation (the Localism Act 2011). It follows on from the Parish Plan which has been in place since 2009 and has successfully encouraged and guided many improvements in our area during a period of significant growth. Its scope is more limited than the Parish Plan, since it is required to focus primarily on land use and development, but within this area it has more legal weight in planning decisions within the parish. This website forms part of the community engagement essential to informing residents of progress and gathering their views on and input to the Plan.

Our Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led framework for guiding the future development of our parish through to 2036. It contains a vision, aim and objectives, development planning policies, and proposals for improving the area, specifically addressing the issues of landscape and green space preservation, community infrastructure and protection of the environment. It will be subject to examination by an independent examiner appointed by Wiltshire Council and a referendum involving all of the parish. Once agreed and “made” it will form part of the Wiltshire Development Plan. This means that Wiltshire Council, or planning inspectors, will have to take account of the Neighbourhood Plan when making decisions concerning planning applications or appeals in the neighbourhood area.

Whitebridge Spinney by the River Bourne at Laverstock

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Here at last – the draft Neighbourhood Plan for you to view and to comment on!

The draft Plan and its appendices were agreed by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in February 2021 and endorsed, with some amendments, by the Parish Council at their meeting in March.

The next step is public consultation on the draft Plan

This is a mandatory element of Central Government’s Neighbourhood Plan process, referred to as Regulation 14. This involves ensuring that businesses, organisations and landowners in the parish, together with more than 20 public bodies, and of course all of our residents, have the opportunity to view the documents and provide their comments.

Consultation starts on Monday 10 May and lasts for 8 weeks

The draft Plan and appendices are on the Documents page. A Feedback Form to submit any comments on these is available between May 10th and July 2nd. Two virtual Question and Answer sessions will be arranged during the consultation period with dates and times published on this website as well as on the Parish Council website at www.laverstock-ford.co.uk.  If you know anyone without internet access who needs a paper copy of the Plan they should call 01722 411847.

A final version of the draft Neighbourhood Plan will be produced in the light of comments received

At the end of the consultation period all comments received will be reviewed and appropriate changes discussed with the Parish Council. A final version of the Plan and appendices will then be prepared and sent to Wiltshire Council for its approval. Once approved, the documents will go forward to an independent inspector and when he or she is content a referendum on the Plan will be held in the parish. Providing there is a simple majority in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan, it will be adopted by Wiltshire Council and must then be considered in any planning decision which affects the parish.

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Documents used in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan can be found here.


Airfield Planning Application

16th July 2019
On July 11 2019 the planning appeal for the airfield development was refused. See the Ford Community page for details.


Castle Hill Country Park

14th August 2021
The infrastructure and planting to turn what was until recently a mix of building site and neglected farmland into managed parkland is now mostly in place. Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is setting up a volunteer group to help maintain and further develop it. See Bishopdown Farm page for details.