Draft Vision and Objectives


Our Parish will be an outstanding place in which to grow up, live and work, or to visit. The location, design and scale of additional, sustainable residential and commercial developments will preserve the attractive semi-rural character of the parish while the carefully managed mix of water meadows, agricultural land and other green spaces will continue to provide habitats for a wealth of flora and fauna to flourish and be enjoyed by all.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the Neighbourhood Plan is to preserve the character and sustainability of this semi-rural parish by the following objectives:

  • Preserve and protect the existing open spaces and landscape used and valued by residents and visitors.
  • Conserve and enhance the River Bourne and its environs.  
  • Encourage the farming community to continue to be a significant part of the parish economy and an important contributor to and guardian of the landscape.
  • Ensure that the community has a say in the location, type and volume of future housing development in the parish, whether to meet local needs or a strategic allocation under the Local Plan, in order to try to preserve or enhance the distinctive character and semi-rural setting of the parish.   
  • Encourage business and industry to make best use of the land in the parish set aside for this purpose to the benefit of the parish.  
  • Seek to ensure that any future development in the parish is supported by the implementation of a complementary and structured approach to infrastructure. 
  • Support the provision of community services and facilities which benefit the parish, including health and wellbeing aspects.  
  • Ensure that neighbourhood plan policies, whilst protecting the setting of our schools in the wider landscape, do not unduly restrict them from continuing to provide excellent education for the children of our parish and the surrounding area.
  • Support improvements to public transport and  footpath/cycle path links within and between the parish and key destinations.
  • Encourage the implementation of schemes which reduce the impact of traffic within the parish without compromising the other objectives.