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Facts and Figures

We estimate that there are currently about 1,300 homes in the community of Hampton Park, Bishopdown Farm and Riverdown Park, a third of the current estimated 3,900 homes in our parish.

The Recent Past

Hampton Park/Bishopdown Farm/Riverdown Park has grown progressively over the last 30 years, initially Bishopdown Park, followed by Hampton Park, and then Riverdown Park. In 1991 there were about 250 dwellings, in 2001 750, in 2011 820 dwellings, and by 2018 this had grown to 1305. This rapid and sustained growth over a relatively long period has resulted in a significant growth in population which now totals about 3,400 (more than Laverstock). The average age of this population has also increased as many of the young families, who were the predominant purchasers as the newly built houses , have stayed in the community.

Short Term Future

 Will growth continue?

At the moment the only outstanding application for planning permission is for the site known as Bishopdown Farmyard and which would result in an additional 14 homes; to our knowledge there are no other applications which would result in further homes being built.
The area is included in the Salisbury Settlement Area (SSA) which, under Wiltshire Council policies might attract further “strategic” development beyond 2021 in any development sites adjacent to the SSA boundary. However, the new country park limits development outside most of the boundary in this area. The only exception is the proposed Asda supermarket site on the London Road (of which only a very small part is within the Parish). Planning permission has been granted, but if Asda decide not to build, could it be sold for alternative commercial use or even be redesignated for residential development – maybe another 200 homes there?

Castle Hill Country Park

As many of you will have seen, the bulk of the infrastructure and planting to turn what was until recently a mix of building site and neglected farmland into managed parkland is now in place. Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is now leading the ecological development work and is setting up a volunteer group meeting on the second Saturday of each month from August 14th 2021. For more information, please go to their webpage .

Residents’ Survey

As reported on the home page, the results of the Residents’ Survey conducted in autumn 2019 are now available. In addition to the report for the whole parish, one specific to the responses from this community can be found here (the link will download a Powerpoint file).

Hampton Park Centre
Greentrees School – Infant Site

Airfield Planning Application

16th July 2019
On July 11 2019 the planning appeal for the airfield development was refused. See the Ford Community page for details.
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