Documents and Resources

Documents relating to our Neighbourhood Planning process can be found here. They are grouped by Category. Click on a Category on the right to see the documents in that group.

1 Draft Neighbourhood Plan and Appendices

1st May 2021
The following documents will be available for review and comment during the public consultation period which will commence shortly:
  • Draft Neighbourhood Plan
  • Appendix 1:  Local Plan Consultation Paper submitted to WC
  • Appendix 2:  Listing of all Community Information and Consultation Activities and Events
  • Appendix 3:  Details, Results and Analysis of the Community, Business, Schools and Landowner Surveys 2019
  • Appendix 4:  Development of the Parish
  • Appendix 5:  Transport issues
  • Appendix 6:  Assessment of local housing needs
  • Appendix 7:  Wiltshire Council SHELAA Site Assessments
  • Appendix 8:  Development constraints
  • Appendix 9:  Landscape Sensitivity Assessment Executive Summary
  • Appendix 10:Local Green Space Designations
  • Appendix 11: Parish Design Guide

2 Supporting Evidence

20th February 2021

3 National Policy Documents

19th February 2021

4 Wiltshire Council Policy Documents

18th February 2021

5 Neighbourhood Planning Guidance

16th February 2021